Garrison Keillor Project – Part 2

I had really hoped to get another episode out sooner. With the recent holiday and having people over today, I was just too tired to attempt anything. Anyway, here is a slightly better second episode.

I’m still declaring that this is a project in process. This second time was easier all around but I know I have things to work on with the recordings. For one, I need a microphone stand. I’ve been trying to hold a microphone and talk. It is just not working. Oh well. Maybe I’ll have it fixed before I try another episode.

I’ll give anyone who plans to listen to this a heads up right now. The sound levels vary widely. I get really quiet in sections and then really loud. I apologize for that. I’ve listened to the track several times now. I know it is not balanced. I do not yet know how to fix that and would rather have something out in the mean time.

GKP 02 – Getting too old for this

If anyone has suggestions for story ideas: I welcome them. Turns out it fairly hard to think up original content every few days. Any help would be appreciated.