Personal Log – Dragon Age: Origins – 2

[This is part two in an on-going personal record, in narrative format, of my adventure in Dragon Age: Origins.]

I slept in! The day of my own wedding and I slept in! And, to top it all off, my cousin Shianni had to wake me.  She was right there as I got up and tried to get myself together. Did I mention it was the day of her wedding too?

That was the way of elves, to have weddings on the same day. It was to save money, they said. The “they” in this case being the village elder and my own father. It was to him that I went next. After all, he had let me sleep.

I was all ready to really put it to him but his first words stopped me.

“You look beautiful.” He then followed it with something that I could only smile at: “Your mother would be proud.”

My mother. What can I say? She was Different. It was not that she was some radical or wanted to take over the kingdom from the humans. (Although I sometimes felt she harbored this wish!) She had trained me. In secret. The humans did not want us to have any training but she had passed her training on to me before she died as was own way before the humans had take us as slaves.  (That was some time ago and we were free now, as free as we could be in an Alienage.)  He reminded me that I should keep my training secret from my husband. My husband! I had nearly forgotten him in all this nostalgia. I rushed off then to find him.

Elven weddings are prearranged. I had never seen my husband and I set about trying to him. I checked with the local shopkeeper, some neighbors and then finally ran into some children. If anyone had heard about where my husband to be was, it was them. I questioned them about this but all they knew was that their was a double wedding today. They hadn’t been paying attention to the who just the what. That’s when I ran into my cousin. And trouble.

We had been gathering the people together for the beginning of the wedding when some humans interrupted. Some tall human was leading a couple others. They walked up to the stage were we were holding the program and promptly ruined everything.  I didn’t care who this human was, he was not going to ruin my wedding. I took one step forward but before I could give this human a piece of my mind, he told his men to pick out some girls.

They were having a party, he announced to everyone there. He wanted some girls to join him. We all knew what this meant: he wanted to breakup our wedding so he could rape us in the castle during his “party”. Before I could put my training to some good use, other elves acted. They killed the people I now understood to be his guards before he ran off. It was then that I learned his name: Vaughnan Doren… the Earl’s son.

[Part three will continue with attempted rape, murder and my destiny.]