Me somewhere else: Feb 2012

Okay. The “This month in Dan” title is probably pretentious. No, it’s a couple suitcases of pretentious. Regardless, here are some links to other things I wrote, produced or did this month. (Which is also, in it’s own way, probably pretentious too. Oh well.)

Nightmare Mode:

I like signs in games. I always wonder, as I look at them, why they are placed where they are. Is that a sign for the player or something for the characters? What does the sign say and what is it saying? Those questions, as well as probably the only positive spin on the denizens of Borderlands you will ever see, were part of Building Worlds: Signs in Borderlands.

My sister is getting married in a few months. If anyone is wondering why I, seemingly out of nowhere, started talking about my singleness and relationships in games (other than it being linked to the Blogs of the Round Table topic of “Love” in video games), that’s why.

I’ve been getting asked, by my mother and other relatives more frequently over the last couple weeks, when I’m getting married. (As the older brother and over 25, it’s not my favorite question. It’s right up there with “English degree? Are you going to teach?”) Given that, I’ve been forced to examine my life. And, of course, by “examine” I mean that other people are doing it for me.

Anyway, some of those ideas got funneled into Life and Death of Sigrun in Dragon Age: Awakenings.


I somehow talked my way onto the VGHVI podcast. The latest episode says that “Dan assume[ed] hosting duties,” but what it meant to say was “Dan introduced the podcast and then let other people talk for awhile.” (I might have secretly been eating dinner most of the episode. Shhh. Don’t tell them that.)

Game Dev:

I finished February’s game. It’s Indigo Protocol.

It’s… I don’t know. It’s something. I ended up talking about it across several posts over on my dev blog. You can watch (and listen!) to a week by week breakdown of the process (Week 2, Week 3, Week 4).

Those videos probably say way more about me than any of these blog posts ever will. On Saturday mornings, after staying up late on Friday night, I am a bit… loony. And I might also laugh-way-too-much-oh-my-god-I-am-so-sorry. (March’s game won’t be as purposely funny. I hope.)