Games + Experiments

Games and Game-like Experiments:






Virtually Death Series

Unhappy Objects Series


Select “Weekly Twine” Projects:


  • Winter Road. “A Tale of Cold and Comfort” told in verse.
  • TV Fred. A short story about robots.
  • Isaac. A retelling of Abraham and Isaac.
  • Remaining. A snapshot of a relationship.
  • Erasure. Short story about a detective.
  • Declension. An explosion of ‘D’ words in all shapes and sizes.
  • Mixed Signals. A meditation on our attempts to make sense of word noise.
  • Not | Game. It’s not a game. Or maybe it is.
  • Don’t Look Away. A test of how long you are willing to stay looking at text on a page.
  • R-Caved. In the darkness, there is only death.
  • Tiger Turvy. The poem “The Tyger” by William Blake contorted on itself.
  • Gibberish? An algorithm’s attempt to interpret its own noise.
  • Tree. ‘Growth requires patience and attention.’
  • Juliet. Like Romeo and Juliet, but with Juliet in an endless monologue with herself.