Snowman Dev Update (2.2 -> 3.0: 10 July 2022)

Snowman 2.2 3.0 Development Updates:

Moving to 3.0

For over a month now, I had been thinking this latest version of Snowman would become 2.2. However, in considering feedback I’ve received so far and thinking through when I would next get the chance to spend as much time working on this again, I’ve decided to shift it to 3.0.

In making this decision, I’ve also unshackled myself from trying to keep up with past examples, something I had been struggling with as I was working through the Twine Cookbook. Many of the current examples of Snowman code in the Twine Cookbook date back to 1.3.0, a version pre-dating my work on this project. While Snowman 3.0 should work like this earlier versions, I also do not want to feel beholden to past patterns no longer considered updated in 2022.

Unfortunately, the direct effect of this decision means the submission of Snowman 3.0 for inclusion in the next version of Twine 2 will be delayed even more. While I would have liked to have already submitted it, changing the version allows me to re-visit some recent decisions to include legacy methods and properties in light of the move to 3.0. This means the latest version of Snowman will not be submitted until at least the end of July 2022, as I now face other deadlines conflicting with work on this project for the next few weeks.

Rebuilt Snowman Documentation

The major project for this past week was rebuilding the Snowman documentation. Because I no longer have the earlier Markdown files used to build the previous documentation, I had to copy, paste, and re-edit every page with Markdown syntax. As part of this, I also decided to remove the copies of the examples from the Twine Cookbook.

My plan is to create new examples without referencing the Twine Cookbook. This will be done to not only break from the Twine Cookbook, but to also make examples designed for work with Snowman rather than try to capture how each story format works in the same ways. My hope is to also include videos as part of this, something I had wanted to do three years ago.

Updating the Twine Cookbook

With the Snowman documentation for 1.X and 2.X now updated, I have to face the problem of working through the Twine Cookbook and updating links to the past documentation. This coming week, I’d like to finish up this TODO item before moving back to Snowman development. Part of the reason for this delay is because of the other deadlines mentioned, as they will take up much of my time over the next two weeks, but also because I do not want the Twine Cookbook falling too far out of date with the new links.