Games + Experiments

Games and Game-like Experiments:


BitBitJam3: The Faerie Princess



Ludum Dare 29 — Homeland Surface Defense Force: Operation Foxtrot Delta Sierra Hotel


“Virtually Death”: Inevitability

“Virtually Death”: Faith & Determination

“Virtually Death”: Expectations

“Virtually Death”: Perspective

“Virtually Death”: Perseverance

“Virtually Death”: Memory

“Sex Opposites”: Cocks Blocker. Click on the roosters to stop them from spilling the seed.

“Unhappy Objects”: Misadventure. Use the arrow keys to move. Avoid the dragon, if you can.

“Unhappy Objects”: No Choice: Use the arrow keys to move, Spacebar to jump.

“Unhappy Objects”: You Die: Use the arrow keys to move. Then, die.

“Unhappy Objects”: Give Up: Asteroids without weapons and with one life. Use arrow keys to move.

Beneath the Tunnels Deep (text adventure)

The Time Before the Time Before (text adventure)

Ludum Dare 26 — W01rh1p()


0h Game Jam — Quentang

Charity Game Jam — Meow Escape

Fuck This Jam — Beneath the Tunnels Deep

Indigo Protocol

Ludum Dare 24 — Terminal Life

Ludum Dare 25 — *Radio Silence*


Twine Projects:


Winter Road. “A Tale of Cold and Comfort” told in verse.

TV Fred. A short story about robots.

Isaac. A retelling of Abraham and Isaac.

Remaining. A snapshot of a relationship.

Erasure. Short story about a detective.

Declension. An explosion of ‘D’ words in all shapes and sizes.

Mixed Signals. A meditation on our attempts to make sense of word noise.

Not | Game. It’s not a game. Or maybe it is.

Don’t Look Away. A test of how long you are willing to stay looking at text on a page.

R-Caved. In the darkness, there is only death.

Tiger Turvy. The poem “The Tyger” by William Blake contorted on itself.

Gibberish? An algorithm’s attempt to interpret its own noise.

Tree. ‘Growth requires patience and attention.’

Juliet. Like Romeo and Juliet, but with Juliet in an endless monologue with herself.