Preserving past Twine 2 story formats

With Twine 2.4 now out and my own Snowman story format coming up on a major version release, I’ve been thinking back on projects I still want to complete as part of my time with the Twine Committee. While many are permanently off the table due to a number of factors, one, I realized, was still possible: an archive of past story format versions.

Thinking through what was needed, I decided all I had to do was go through every release of Twine 2 from 2.0.4 onwards and pull out the story format files. Comparing these, I could then preserve the version of each story format shipped with the Twine 2 release.

After around two hours of work, I now present the first iteration of this project: Twine 2 Story Formats Archive! It can also be accessed via GitHub Pages here. The web hosting is less useful at the moment, as exact URLs are required to reference a specific story format by version currently.

The next iteration should hopefully include search capabilities and the ability to reference the individual format.js files more easily. This functionality will probably come as part of some future work I want to do on Extwee, my Twee compiler, to give authors the ability to choose any story format and version from the command-line.