Playing: Devil May Cry 4, Prince of Persia…

Devil May Cry 4 (360)

I’m still working my way through on Human (easiest) mode. After looking through the achievement list, I’ve decided that I’m just going to stop playing after finishing the game on the current difficulty. Most of the later achievements require that I beat the game several times, each on a different difficulty. Then I’d need to go back and get a perfect score on every level. I’m not doing all that. Not right now anyway. I am still considering buying the game for the 360 though.

Prince of Persia

If I was asked what I thought after playing the game for the first hour, I’d say this game was really fun, had a great art style and an interesting story. Now though… my opinions have changed a bit. There have been a couple of places that I got stuck on and had to do over and over. Then my game crashed a few times. Once I even lost over a hour and a half of gameplay. Extremely annoying. Other than those things, the game has been… Mediocre to Good. There are several things I like – the Exposition Button for example – but enough has gone wrong with my personal playing to keep me from going back too often.

The Maw

I finally beat the game and I’ve been going back trying to get all the achievements. My opinion hasn’t really changed after more playing. It’s still a Very Good (indie game) and Good (regular game). Some of the puzzles are on the edge of being annoying and trying to get 100% is taxing my patience. Still… I recommend a play for any interested.

I tried out the first DLC pack “Brute Force”. It’s about two times the size of a normal level and about three times as complex. You should only play it after you’ve played over 75% of the game. It doesn’t have a tutorial for some of the abilities it requires you to use in various ways.

Rez HD

I bought this game at the beginning of February and hadn’t played it since. Because of that, this past week I picked it up while waiting on the latest DLC for Burnout Paradise to download.

After playing through the first level, I remembered why I originally bought it. The simple targeting-firing mechanic is pretty easy and most of the enemies aren’t very hard. The joy comes from the same reason I like Everyday Shooter. Each little thing makes a sound. The totality of the sounds creates an experience that is as fun to listen to as actually play. I’ve since completed the first few levels.

Burnout Paradise

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m never going to be great at this game and honestly, I don’t care. The fun that I have with the game comes from driving fast and trying to get all the jumps. I’ve yet to even do any of the races. They don’t interest me whatsoever.

The Legendary Car Pack DLC is finally, finally out. Practically the entire reason I bought this game was to drive around in the Back to the Future Delorean or the Ghostbuster car. I’ve now done that. And I love it. It’s great. My childhood dream of leaving trails of fire while jumping over a building with a Delorean: achieved.