Playing: Devil May Cry 4, Rock Band 2, Fable 2

Devil May Cry 4

I beat the game again on Easy. It took me about 7 hours this time, which is a great deal better than the 20 hours it took me the first time.

I would not recommend this to people looking for a deep game. The story is kinda stupid and the levels repeat halfway through the game. The one thing that makes this game fun is the fighting system which can be quite satisfying when you achieve a great combo and watch either Nero or Dante obliterate an enemy using their swords and guns.

Prince of Persia: Epilogue (DLC)

The most basic description: harder but linear.

Rock Band 2

The Solo tour on this game is mostly just a single person doing the World Tour Mode. So, I’ve been doing that using the guitar on Easy. I’ve gotten a few achievements so far.

Fable 2

My system has crashed several times on me while playing this tonight. I’ve made sure to type “my system” as I’m not convinced that it is the games that are crashing it. Still, maddeningly annoying. I had to replay several of the early sections of this game a couple of times.

Despite that though I’ve had some fun. The combat has been quite easy, the expression system is fun and the mini-games are additive enough that I managed to raise a good deal of money early on in the game. It’s definitely got me hooked.