Playing: Prince of Persia, Rock Band, Castle Crashers

Prince of Persia

I finally finished the game last night. After the cliffhanger ending, I went and picked up the DLC “Epilogue”.

For fans of the Prince of Persia Trilogy of the last gen consoles, this is a game you want to play. It has all the same platforming elements and the battle system is slimmed down to only one-on-one battles. There are really – other than the art style – only two differences. The rewind effect from those games is now infinite and the flow of the game is now more open. Instead of one straight path, there are now four that can be taken in any order.

I haven’t finished the Epilogue yet and I’m not sure I will anytime soon. The difficulty is on par with all of the elements at the end of the game. That means rather long runs of jump after timed jump. It has taken me over a dozen tries in some places to get all of the timing right.

Rock Band

I think I am all but one song away from finishing the solo tour on drums on the medium difficulty. I’ve failed out of playing “Green Grass and High Tides” a couple of times now. It’s all those long strings of fast notes that always screw me up.

Edit (3 hours later):

Okay. So, I was very wrong. There were in fact 21 more songs after “Green Grass and High Tides.” I have now beaten the solo drums tour on Medium.

Edit (6 hours later):

I’ve also now finished the singing solo tour on Hard. It was… hard.

Castle Crashers

On our first try, me and a couple of friends finally managed to beat the last boss and finish the game. Having only unlocked a couple of characters so far. I now feel I should play this game more and try to unlock everything, including all the animals. I also learned that getting the most fun out of the game requires playing it with other people. Playing by yourself is great for grinding but trying to take out most of the major boss is much easier with someone else there to help.