Soul Nomad & the World Eaters

Soul Nomad & the World Eaters Cover Art


From the makers of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Nippon Ichi, comes another tactical role playing game that pits the player against an ancient evil in a fight for both your soul and to bring peace to the world.


Hundreds of years ago, the remnants of peoples across the land of Prodesto breathed a sigh of relief after a time of great upheaval. The war that had raged for ages had finally ended and peace had been brought to the land under the rule of Lord Median the Conqueror. The peace was short lived however when Gig and his World Eaters began to terrorize the land anew. Having appeared in the years following Lord Median’s death, Gig uses his three World Waters to begin to destroy the world. Lord Median’s daughter, Lady Layna, in a final all-or-nothing strike against Gig, managed to trap him in a sword and thus end his evil reign. Centuries have now passed and the World Eaters, though they remain, have been silent. Suddenly they start to awaken and attack people again. Lady Layna, who had been in hiding through the years, calls two young warriors to her and gives them weapons to defend their small village. To Danette she gives a sickle sword but to the player she gives a black glowing sword. This sword was the very sword that Gig was sealed away in and the instant the player holds the sword the two are bonded together. Together, Danette and the player must recruit warriors and make a stand against the World Eaters. Although the player now holds the means to use Gig’s vast power, should he rely too much on it, it could mean the release of Gig from the sword the reemergence of his ancient evil.


  • The beginning video contains a great deal of history and exposition; could have been cut down considerably.
  • Soul Nomad differs from Disgaea where it only allows the “team leaders” of groups of allies to move on the battlefield.
  • It employs an “auto-attack” method of allowing the player to directly control certain units while the game controls how the members of each team, ally and enemy alike, act.
  • Nippon Ichi once again proves that they have excellent voice-actors for their drawn backgrounds and scrolling-text dialogue.


For fans of tactical role playing games, this games fits the bill with loads of customization and battles. With an engaging story and multiple endings, it adds replay value for fans of the genre. Worth a buy or rent. 7/Blue.