Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

Enter the Dragonfly cover art

Imagine you are a dragon. Take a second and just imagine. Scales, horns and fire breath. Sounds good, right? Now imagine that as you are celebrating a rite of passage for dragons, the time that you get your first dragonfly guardian. (Yes, for some reason a dragon needs a dragonfly. Maybe to make the dragon fly?) You are a dragon at this party, keep that in mind. Around you are your friends, cheetahs , a faun and other fun creatures who would normally kill each other on sight. Now add to that picture in your mind’s eye the introduction of a wizard who is short but is clearly evil. He has the evil laugh, every “mua” and “ha” in its place. He even has a purple cape. Maintain all this in your mind. Now finally add the spell casting of the the wizard to get rid of all the dragonflies. Subtract all the dragonflies now from your mind, they were caste away, only not to some dark realm but across the world. So, you are dragon, with a dragonfly, and must go and retrieve all the dragonflies before the wizard does. Welcome to Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly.


  • This game is pretty much exactly how I remember the original and first batch of sequels playing like on the PlayStation. The not-exactly accurate controls and timed jumping to each platform is there. Also there are the mini-games that can be either tough or fun depending on how fast you can respond and how quick you memorize the routines.
  • Since this game is designed for a younger age group, I found parts to be really annoying but sometimes just funny. My favorite line so far is: “Spyro! You purple putz!” I find that particularly funny. It probably has to do with the vulgar slang meaning of putz and the fact that the phrase contains alliteration as well.