Death By Degrees

Death By Degrees Cover Art


Death By Degrees takes Nina Williams of Tekken fame and puts her through her paces as it tries to mesh together aspects of fighting and action games.


Nina Williams, as a renowned “sweeper”, tries to infiltrate a criminal organization. Initially participating in the organization’s underground fighting, she must try to survive and protect her team once her cover is blown. Starting by being locked in a room upon the organization’s luxury cruise ship, she must try to sneak into the inner parts of the ship along with protecting the rest of her team that is trying to sneak in as well. Facing off against armed guards and environmental obstacles while trying to slip past lasers and other intrusion detectors makes this simple task no cake walk. Even with her fighting prowess, Nina Williams may have to rely on the combined might of the CIA and MI5 to stop the global threat that the criminal organization presents.


  • Game graphics are pretty good with video graphics looking good as well.
  • The fighting controls, employing a “quick tap” system using the analog sticks, can be frustrating to use.
  • Gameplay difficultly could use work with easy sections (fighting off a handful of guards) proceeding difficult sections (using a sniper rifle on scores of soldiers) with little warning.
  • Game pacing could use more work as well with small sections of fighting being broken up by loading screens and short videos.
  • The game uses a “signal bar” approach to finding save points, one of the more frustrating aspects of the game.
  • The “critical strike” system, one of the promotional points of the game, fails in places with enemies that continue to fight regardless of having one or more of their limbs smashed.


While employing many aspects that theoretically could be great in a game (using the analog sticks to fight and a “Critical Strike” system), in practice they do not work out well for this game. Unless you are a fan of Nina Williams or can it get practically free, just stay away from it. Not a buy or rent. 5/10