Future Tactics: The Uprising

Future Tactics Cover Art

Future Tactics: The Uprising combines a 3rd-person shooter with a strategic turn-based battle system with mediocre results.


“An eon had passed since man last trod upon this holy ground. The ruins were unlike anything found before—black obelisks emanating a green energy. Strange marking adorned the monuments and edifices about the island…The head researcher hurried down the main shaft. The workers parted as she entered the room. A strange hum, different from the low buss of the ventilating fans, filled the room. A green glow emanated from a huge onyx egg encased in a blue, metallic device… The researcher moved closer, reaching towards the artifact, making contact with one of the flashing green button-like dots on the exterior. A series of smaller red dots appeared about the green dot… The room was filled with the lurid green light…As the light subsided, a creature could be seen standing between the lead scientist and the artifact… The creature put forth one of the four appendages on its upper body—a hand, larger than its two lower arms and opposite a cylinder shape decorated by three pulsating green lights…The scaly beast quickly withdrew its claw and presented the scientist with the tube on its left arm. A green blast left the woman dead on the dirt floor… The island was quickly overrun by the beasts, then soon…the world.”

Playing as Low, his sister Pepper and the friends they encounter, you must destroy the creatures that have overrun your world. Destorying houses or even whole towns mean nothing if you cannot finally free your world.


  • Play consists as turn-based shooting.
  • All levels have a degree of “geo-mod” or the ability to leave holes in the ground or destroy vehicle and buildings.
  • Many levels have interesting goals like making sure a boat gets down a river or guarding a tower.
  • The game can become very hard quickly, as many levels continuously re-spawns enemies if the goal is to reach a certain area of the map.
  • Each character has a certain weapon and way of shooting although many share common, if not borderline repetitive actions.


With decent game design and fairly interesting characters, this game has two major flaws: in the aiming, that takes way too much precision, and the continuous re-spawning of enemies that can make levels drag on and on into hours. 7/10