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In Patapon, you play as the god of a tribe that is dying. They have been defeated by the neighboring Zigaton tribe and driven back across the land. The end is near. But you can save them! Take up the drum and as their god command them via complex songs to attack or defend against both animals and enemies.

Starting with a simple command song and adding more songs as you proceed level by level, the game becomes more advanced but still maintains a simple feel. Once you begin to complete levels and start to defeat the armies of the Zigaton tribe, you unlock the Legendary Memories of heroes from the past whose memories are waiting on the battlefield for you to discover. Using the game mechanic of a tree of life, you can resurrect the strengths of those ancients heroes in the patapons of the present and add to your army. Start with spears but add to your army patapons who can wield axes and shoot arrows at the enemies. You will need all the help you can muster from your tribe and the strengths from the heroes of the past if you are to reclaim you land and see Earthend, which all patapons dream of seeing, where IT waits for you.


  • This demo was fun to play. There is a little bit of a learning curve to master the rhythm of the game but once that is mastered the patapons can easily be commanded. Just do not beat the drum when the patapons are singing. You drum a verse, then they sing a verse.
  • In order to beat the drum you press the four buttons on the right side of the PSP. Each button maps to a different note and you press them in time to the background song in each level to register them. The first song, the song that commands them to advance, is “pata-pata-pata-pon” which translates to “Square, Square, Square, Circle”.
  • The game can be quite funny at times. If you screw up, the patapons will make fun of you. “Huh? Are you joking?” and “This is bad. May I go home?” are common reprimands when you miss the beat. If you get ten songs in a row however, a “Fever” is achieved wherein the patapon’s strength and stamina is increased for a short time.
  • Within each level are additional items and weapons that can be acquired by defeating the enemies or destroying special objects like some plants and buildings. You can use these items and weapons to equip your army or create new patapons from the memories of those legendary heroes of the past.
  • The visual style is interesting. The patapons are small black creatures that have a circular body that seems to contain just their arms, legs and a single eye. They march across a two-dimensional screen that flashes in beat to the background music and they sing along with the song you play on the drum.

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  1. videlais

    You can find the demo on the PlayStation Store site. In order to get it though, you will need to sign up for an account. You’ll also need to download and use their PlayStation Network Downloader (which runs on Windows and only worked 1/3 of the time for me). While there, you can also get the demo of Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, which I will be reviewing as well soon.

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