Rule of Rose

Rule of Rose cover art

An unlucky girl…

You play as Jennifier, a girl who has the worst luck in life. Having lost her parents, she begins he travel across the land in a bus only to be interrupted by a boy who asks her to read a story. Once she starts to read this hand-drawn tale however, she begins her own tale.

Leaving the bus stop, she follows a winding path that leads a mansion. Approaching the gate, she notices some children beating a sack with sticks. Working her way around the fence that surrounds the mansion, she follows a boy that leads her into the mansion and through the house. Wondering lost through the mansion, Jennifer hears the children laughing but can never find them. Finally being lead to the attic brings her face to face with the boy she had been following The boy asks her to read more of the story she had started on the bus. After reading more of the story, she hears the children chanting around a grave. Once she finds the grave Jennifer digs the grave and opens the casket only to find the sack the children were attacking earlier.

Jennifer then sits down in the dirt and while the children surround here. They tell her that she is filthy and then they pour water over her. Trying to flee from them, Jennifer is knocking into the wooden casket and taken away against her will. She wakes to being tied to a pole and having to follow the orders of the Red Crayon Aristocrat Club, a collection of girls who follow the rule of the rose, in order to live. The children and their strange ways are not the only threat, however, with other creatures and people standing in Jennifer’s way to an escape.


  • This game is quite strange. It’s classified as a survival horror game and lives up to that genre. It has many moments where unseen giggling children can be quite unnerving. It also uses the traditional string instruments usage that marks other horror games to good effect.
  • This game contains some interesting themes that may not strike the casual player. It seemingly contains sections of bondage and domination by the younger girls over the older Jennifer. This is not in a sexual sense but a psychological one. The younger girls, after having kidnapped Jennifer, threaten her into taking actions like collecting butterflies for them. It also has many scenes of animal torture including stuffing a dog into a bag and dangling said bag on a hook.

Screenshots (Beta):