Story: Puddles

It was a nice day and Todd was in no hurry. Stopping on his way home, he stole a glance at each puddle on his way. The night’s rain had turned into a shining day and bright reflections cratered the road. Noticing a large puddle up ahead, he wondered over to have a look.

It was irregularly shaped. Most puddles had a certain roundness or plumpness to them. This one was ragged. This one had a certain style. This one was unique.

Todd could not help but note how his reflection seemed distorted. It was as if the reflection took time to reach him. He tried out various faces and reactions. Each one seemed to have a weight to them as if the water itself was struggling to mirror reality. Todd had begun to turn when he noticed something.

There was something extra. Some shadow that had not been there before was now present. Todd searched the sky for a passing cloud but the sky was clear. Yet, the shadow remained. Todd bent closer to examine the source.

It moved.

Todd almost fell forward in shock. The shadow had moved. Slowly at first but with a determined motion. There was a rhythm to it. Todd again bent closer.

The oblique was slowly becoming real. He could see undulations under the water. Was it some snake or some confused worm? As Todd watched it came toward him.

There was a darkness that was uncanny to it. Some muddied appendage, some mysterious quantity. Todd was amiss to its classification. The puddle did not seem that deep yet the shape now had a width and depth that exceeded the seen circumference. It continued its approach.

The water rippled and broke. Waves rocked each shore in time and then rebounded. The stillness grew anew.

Todd straightened up. He began to walk. Puddles no longer held any interest.