Garrison Keillor Project – Special 01

So much for a couple of episodes a week, huh? Here it is almost two weeks later with episode three. Oh well.

Between the last episode and this one, I’ve been experimenting more with recording and voice acting. I had thought that recording Edgar Allen Poe’s short story “The Tell-Tale Heart” would be a good test. As it turns out, no. Because of the language difference, and his style of writing, I struggled to get the emphasis right on all the parts while maintaining the right tone. I did several different recording sessions but none seemed good enough. However, I felt I needed to post something.

This episode is special. I used the basic plot and tone of “The Tell-Tale Heart” as a base. I expanded and updated it but kept as close as I could to the story. I would highly recommend reading the original work before listening. I borrow heavy from wording in places but also add my own spin on things. It’s more of a remix than anything else.

I heart telling a tale

(This may be a new trend. I’m considering doing a reading of another short story soon. Well, a remix of the story actually.)

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