40 Days of Gaming: Day 1

Let’s face it, being a part of the video game culture means that, inevitably, you build up a backlog of all those games you wish you had to time to play. Suggestions from friends, games purchased on a whim or even the classics of previous gaming generations, there are games that you’ve collected over the years that you keep meaning to get around to playing but haven’t yet.

Me and you, we’re in the same boat. Well, we were. I’m making a resolution right here, right now to clean out my backlog. I’m getting out of the SS Eventually and swimming out into the ocean of It’s-Time. Welcome to Day 1 of 40 Days of Gaming.

Beneath a Steel Sky

While glancing through Gog.com’s selections one day, I found that I could get Beneath a Steel Sky for free. “Free? Excellent!” I said as I clicked the button to download and then install. That was months and months ago.

I’d spent two different occasions of about an hour each trying to get through this adventure game from 1994. See, I didn’t grow up with adventure games. I didn’t learn the click, die and try-again grammar of this genre and trying to jump in, mid-stream, was probably not a good idea. I was lost.

It took me three different guides and about two hours to finish it this afternoon. I clicked my way through was left pretty much the same as when I started: I still don’t like adventure games.


One down. Ten games to go.