I really want to know how to seduce this woman and get into her safe. That’s not an euphemism. I actually want to get into the safe that’s right next to her desk and gain access to the note that I’ve been told is in there. I was told this by the woman who wants to kill her, Rose. I’ve been considering killing her myself but Rose says I’m to get evidence first. And so, the seduction. All this happened because I read about it in a guide.

There has been an interesting trend in how I play video games over the last few years. I’m more likely, even before I play a game, to go and look up in a guide on how hard certain areas of the game might be, how long the game might take me or even if I will need to invest large amounts of time into trying to get all the achievements. I’m not kidding. It’s gotten to that point. I think it started because I was just looking to see if I had missed anything in a game.

You get to the end of the game and you want to know if you have missed anything. Have you managed to get that one unique item? Beat that rare monster? Gained all the missing parts, tags and taken every photo? Basically, you want to know if you have gotten everything out of the game on your first time through it. Maybe that’s the problem.

I’m reluctant to play a game twice. I used to. Past tense. When I was younger, I would play the same game over and over. And over. I would play game like Super Mario 3 and Legend of Zelda for hours on end. Just the game. Not in the sense that I was trying to complete it or finish it. It was just play.  I just don’t do that anymore.

I play games. I do. But not in the sense that I did then. Now, I ‘m all about just getting through the game. Living the experience. I’m all about trying to dissecting the journey. What did I do then? What does this mean?  I look for and try to get every nugget hidden in every little corner. I’ve gone from trying to just have fun, however loosely you might define that, to now getting through the experience and looking for the next one. The experience has become just in one in an endless ocean and no longer the one jewel I would treasure again and again.

And so, I find myself yet again looking a guide to find out where and how I am supposed to play the game. I’m looking for the exact step by step method to getting this woman seduced and accessing her safe. I’m looking for the instructions I am to follow to achieve my goal with the least amount of work on my part. I’m become rather lazy in my adventuring. I’m looking for the all secrets to be revealed to me. Instead of searching for everything myself, I want it all to be put before me, allowing me to choose which of the missions and quests will reward me the most.