Oblivion: Fighting: Quest Ideas

[My work day was a little weird today and I had some time to type up some notes I was going to use for tomorrow’s post. So, instead, I am going to just make another post for today. These are some ideas I had on incorporating the fighting ability in the game for additional quest ideas. Just like the post earlier today, these are some things I hope to see in Skyrim]

I covered some of the things I would like to see the Gamebyro engine in my last post about using Magicka. In this one, I want to talk about some quest ideas for using just the basic fighting system, on using mostly hand-to-hand, bow or blade fighting techniques.

Starting with hand-to-hand, why isn’t there more of that incorporated into the game? I understand the limiting factors in Oblivion — mostly space issues. I do. However, having seen what the Fallout games have done with unarmed fighting techniques — they exist and are an option — I think it would be neat to see the same techniques in in high fantasy environment. To that end, I have yet more quest ideas to consider using just those basics.

Fight Club

According to some, there is already the equivalent of this in Shivering Isles content. What if the player had to join one of these groups and then fight? They would, according to my rules,  have to follow the ideals of the Fight Club book and movie: you must fight your first time, never hit the face and have can only use your fists.  This would force the player to use the hand-to-hand combat system within the game.

Archery Contest

Although bows are in Oblivion, I usually don’t use them. One of the only times I felt I had to was in the killing off the Gatekeeper. I used the bones of a previous Gatekeeper to make the  arrows. And by me I mean that Jayred Ice-Veins made them. He likes bones — don’t ask.

Why not have some type of tournament that the player takes place in? It does not even have to exclusive to the bow. Similar to the Areana, but different in the available options, give the player options to enter a sword, bow or even magicka competition. Each could highlight the strengths and weaknesses for each primary fighting style.

Fencing Between Houses

Similar to my thought about the Fight Club idea, what if there was a faction that only used swords? In addition to this though they would have to block and fight only with special swords and according to the rules of fencing. That is, they must only strike certain places and during certain times while also blocking incoming slashes in order to build up a number of points.

For a special spin on this, you could also pull a Hamlet and add poison to the blade. Maybe have the player take up the Laertes position of having the poison or, even more interesting, block a number of incoming sword strikes until a certain moment where the player must fake their own death in some manner, having taken the antidote before the fight. This later idea would be a twist on the Hamlet styled ending — spoilers — Hamlet dies in the end.