A quick hiatus

One of the primary disadvantages to being a full-time student is that you are, well, a student full-time. If you, like me, prefer to spend your time writing, you are often stuck between choosing one thing, homework, over another thing, writing about games. That is a decision I have had to make within the last two weeks — why I missed a couple days last week — and one I am making again today. There is about a month left in the semester and the assignments have been getting harder, requiring more time. I am not going to be able to write daily like I have been trying to do during this period.

If that was not enough, I’ve managed to catch the cold that has been going around and, at least for today, I’m trapped at home until my fever abates some. (One advantage to writing, I can get up to cough or sneeze and come back to what I was writing later. As I have done several times now.)

My point in saying those two things is this: I will be taking a break for a few days.

My plan is to post something on outlining the possibility space in games this weekend. This is a topic I have been in contact with different people on — you have no idea how weird that is, talking to people (plural) about an issue related to game studies — and have been putting together some notes from the conversations. Actually, let me revise that slightly. I hope to have multiple posts over the weekend, assuming everything works out.