A month of Dan: January 2012

I’m going to do something different at the end of each month. Since most people know me from this site and blog, I’m going to try to put together a list of the various other places you can find my work.

Nightmare Mode

This is a very exciting opportunity for me. For the first time EVER, I was asked to write somewhere else. Very cool. (Thank you again to the editors over there! I don’t care if you keep telling me not to thank you again, I’m doing it anyway.) There’s good stuff there and, as I’ve come to learn, some very dedicated people trying to transmute their passion for video games into writing every week. Be sure to check out the other pieces there and even — hint, hint — subscribe to their RSS feed.

My first “column” started with The Silent Sisters of Dragon Age and continued, roughly a week later, with Midgar of Final Fantasy VII. My plan is to keep up with the series and to put out about three every month. Not quite weekly, but it’s at a pace I can keep up with while I balance my jobs and classes.

Game-A-Month 2012

I mentioned way back at the beginning of the month that I was going to try to put out a game per month in 2012. I’ve started to do that. You can find the first one here. (Before you tell me about it, I know there is a major bug. I’ve written about it some in my own postmortem on it.)

If you were wondering why I’ve stepped back from writing several posts a week here, that’s why. I’ve been investing, most days, about an hour a night into putting together a Flash game. For the first half of the year, I’m going to stick to using the Flixel ActionScript 3 library. Depending on my schedule later in the year, I might try to put together an indie game for XBLA too. (I technically still have a XNA Developer account.)

By the way, if there are pixel artists out there reading this, please e-mail me. I need help with my art. I can’t pay you anything, but will gladly promote your work on Twitter, Google+, this blog and to anyone who is looking for an artist. I’ve got some help lined up for February’s game, but have several games already planned out. I would be glad to outline the work needed for any upcoming games to any interested parties.


The Video Games and Human Values Initiative has been playing around with the idea of trying to record the audio from their symposiums each month and turn it into a podcast. I’ve recently been working with them toward this goal. (If you didn’t know, from March 2010 until August 2011, I was the co-host of a podcast that ran 50 episodes. I have some experience with audio editing, hosting solutions and organizing podcast schedules.)

I’m also going to be really sneaky here and just mention that I’ve begun to work on my own secret interview project. Just a few days ago, I purchased a domain name and have been putting together a website. Once I have more of it worked out, I will start to share more details. For right now, all I’m going to say is that it will probably be a limited run audio project featuring interviews from a number of people about a single topic. I hope to air it starting in April.

Yes, I stay busy.