12 Games in 12 Months in 2012 in 12.5 minutes

I did it! (And you can too.)

Way back on 1 January, I set out some goals for myself. I planned to write every day, read more often, and actually finish some games. Between the three of them, I figured, I should probably hit at least one (and at the time I was thinking the reading was more likely).

11.75 months later…

It turns out that the goal of finishing games was what I actually accomplished. My two part-time jobs got in the way of my writing and, because I spend most of my time reading papers written by students, I like to rest my eyes at the end of the day. (I’ve only gotten to about halfway of reading goal as of this writing.) Still, I managed, in my first public year as an indie dev, to make 12 games.

  1. Two Decorate
  2. Indigo Protocol
  3. Stephen
  4. Lurking Shadows
  5. Quentang
  6. Ganelon’s Gambit
  7. Terminal Life
  8. Viequs
  9. Beneath the Tunnels Deep (Graphical)
  10. Meow Escape
  11. Beneath the Tunnels Deep (Text)
  12. *Radio Silence*

If you are looking at this list and thinking you can’t do the same thing in 2013, you’re wrong. You can absolutely make one (or more) games in 2013. In fact, I encourage you (and everyone else) to signup at OneGameAMonth.com. Since I recently became part of “Team SpreadTheLove” for the initiative, I’m going to be checking in on Twitter a couple times a day to encourage everyone to make more games more often in 2013.

Make games. Start now.

2 thoughts on “12 Games in 12 Months in 2012 in 12.5 minutes

  1. cweatherbee

    That was really cool! I’m looking at becoming a video game programmer, I loved how excited you got for every game, it’s awesome! I hope to make some games like that in 2013!!!

    1. Dan Cox

      Go for it!

      From engines like Orge3D (C++) to Twine (HTML), there are programs, libraries, and tools available to help everyone make the games they want. All it really takes is imagination and time. And a bit of patience too.

      I’m going to try to write more often about the projects I work on in 2013, and I encourage everyone else to do the same. Together, we can learn from our failures, joys, and everything in-between as we all make games in 2013.

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