Learning Inform 7: Part 1

As promised last week, here is the first part in the series covering Inform 7.

I’m a little late in posting today because I decided to try out some different software for screen recording. If you are having trouble reading the text this time, I recommend moving up to 480p on the quality slider for the video and going to fullscreen. I’m still working on refining this whole process so I don’t have to deal with huge (>12 GB) files and the text is readable at a lower resolution.

“Lesson 1” by Dan Cox

The bedroom is a room. “Items litter the floor. It is very messy.”

Pants are in the bedroom. The description of Pants is “Well-used. Really used. Really.”

The kitchen is west of the bedroom.

The stove is in the kitchen. The description of the stove is “A chunk of metal. Not very exciting.”

The dining room is a room. The dining room is east of the bedroom.