On asking for some cents

I’m going to try an experiment.

If you weren’t aware, I’ve been writing nearly every week on Gamasutra for the last two months. I wrote a series on Twine (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3) and have been working my way through a series on Inform 7 (Part 1 and Part 2). And I’ve also been producing a (also nearly) weekly video series first on Twine and then on Inform 7. However, because the guides have started to take a long time to produce each week, I’ve had to slow down or risk cutting into the time I spend working at a job that actually pays me.

That got me thinking: should I just stop doing the guides? Would it matter to anyone if I quit suddenly? In other words, it’s become hard to tell if people find these things useful. I can tell people are watching the videos (and I infrequently get comments asking for clarifications), but I haven’t gotten any feedback for awhile. Outside of one or two “+1” on Google+ a few weeks ago, no one has said much.

So, here is the experiment: I’ve setup an account on Gittip as a way for those who want to throw a few cents my way to do so. If you have been following any of the guides I’ve written this year and they helped you somehow, please consider throwing 25 cents my way for it. if you want to make that weekly, fine, but there’s no pressure to do that from me. It’s just a “I found this helpful. Here is a quarter.”

It’s also just for the month of April at the moment. I’m going to try this out for a month and see how it goes. If I think it’s worth doing longer, I’ll write another post, state my reasons, and let everyone know. Otherwise, it was a short experiment in trying to raise a couple dollars a month.

And in case you think I’ll just take the money and do nothing else, here are my plans for April that I will make progress on regardless of anyone giving:

  • Learning JawsJS, a video and Gamasutra series on the HTML5 Game Engine. (I’ve been in discussion with the maintainer of the project and have several new classes including jaws.Text and jaws.Audio in the pipeline for a future release.)
  • Work towards getting Twine Online finally up and running. (I’ve been checking in on the project for weeks now and decided last weekend to finally clone a local copy so I could start adding code to it.)
  • Committing my version of Tale.add() and some JS polyfills into the next version of Twine. (I’ve been posting to the Google Group and G+ Community asking people to please test my code with their projects. Assuming I don’t hear about any fatal mistakes, I’m going to finally make a pull request for inclusion into Twine 1.3.6.)