Appcelerator, stop being so clingy


Several people I respect told me you were cool. They said you helped them develop for mobile with less hassle than some of the other platforms they had tried. I kept reading nothing but praise for you and your services.

Last month, since I’d been thinking about making mobile apps anyway, I thought I would see what all the buzz was about. I created an account and signed up. I thought I would have time to start working on longer term projects again.

Then my work schedule started getting crazy. I was up till 4 and 5 AM most mornings trying to get everything done. I kept looking at my plans for a mobile app and then putting it off for working on small projects that took me no longer than a few hours total.

But I didn’t completely forget about those plans and that account. And neither, it seems, did you. Every week, I’d get a new message about coming back. Each time, I’d read it over and then archive it for later. But they kept coming.

Then I got the “Final message” over a week ago. I thought maybe you had finally given up. I hoped that it was truly the last one. As it turns out though, that wasn’t the case.

This morning, I got the fifth e-mail in a month about coming back. It was also the point at which I decided enough was enough too. You’ve managed to annoy me, make me unsubscribe to the e-mails (finally), and become much less likely to ever getting around to using your services.

Put simply, you’ve become too clingy for me. I don’t want to be reminded that I’m not spending time with you. Appcelerator, I’m sorry, but I’m just not that into you.

— D. Cox

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One thought on “Appcelerator, stop being so clingy

  1. Ugh, this was the most painful emailing campaign I ever saw. I think they must make loads on the “expert advice” or something.

    I really hate that type of pushy spammy emails!

    That being said, it is worth a go. The apps you can make in it are pretty slick. And run quite fast, although not as fast as native, I’d wager!

    Good framework though!

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