A morning with… Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Okay, I admit it: I thought it would be scarier. From all of what I had heard and read, I thought I would be really scared. I mean, really scared. The game had been built up to me as one of the best horror games many people had ever played. And at least in the first 35 minutes, it didn’t seem that way to me.

Now, the Penumbra series freaks me out. I’ve played about an hour of each and I don’t like those games. Even with slightly aged graphics, they still get to me with little things like simple scares and creepy noises. I have jumped back in my chair more than once playing those games, which is why I stopped playing them each time. When it stops being fun, I often stop playing.

Here, I don’t know, I was laughing at times while playing. Pulling books from the shelves and then dropping them on the floor was a funny thing to me. It was, in the middle of this deary Poe-esque tale, something not unlike a toddler would do. Try to tell me where to go, huh? Why, I’ll just throw all the books on the floor then! How do you like that!?

Even the narration, which I liked, brought me out of the game though. I’m already named Daniel. Having someone address me and himself as Daniel made me respond back in my usually absurd manner. And many times, I was talking back to the game — which is also why I decided not to attempt any more commentaries. I often devolved into being silly and for a game this serious, that’s not very helpful.

Still, I think I may invest more time into it to see if I want to finish it or not. I’ve heard that there are later parts which are frustrating, so I’m not looking forward to those, but I thought it was interesting if not unexpectedly funny so far. I admit to being curious about how the sanity meter works later on and what more the game might throw at me.