Pun colon video game and news title


We’ve got the exclusive first look at a single pixel from a random frame of a probable release trailer premiering next Tuesday for the upcoming Video Game. It will be the latest from A Studio, famous for publishing That Other Video Game.

Since it’s being promoted as a “spiritual” ‘prequel’ to Game The First: The Beginning, we took a close look to see how it matched up to the fan expectations and rumors about its development. Will it feature everyone’s favorite love-to-hate Bad Guy? How about the ever-present Woman Object? No A Studio game would be complete without her. And don’t forget the ubiquitous White Savior too! He has to be in the game.

While this single pixel doesn’t give us much to work with, we can only guess this confirms one of four primary video game colors, black, will be featured in the game. We’ve yet to confirm brown, other shade of brown, and grey will be present, but the release trailer should clue us in to what will be in the final game.

As the writer of this post, I have an opinion. I played That Other Video Game for a few minutes, I think, and once had drinks with someone who was a roommate of a cousin of one of producers who once worked on the game for a few months. Just looking at this pixel fills me with feelings about the game.

While no official comment from A Studio has come out about this probable release trailer for Video Game, our sources tell us it is totes real and “110%” reliable.