“Unhappy Objects” game: Give Up

Space doesn’t care about you. Never has, never will. Aloof, it is a vastly complex wonderfully beautiful chaotic mess of Newtonian physics colliding with quantum mechanics. Sometimes things can be predicted, but often not.

It is in this tangled soup of bizarre mathematics that Asteroids roam the endless wastes. Drifting from one system of order to another, they seek out suicidal togetherness drawn by the light of far away stars. They collide, bounce, and fly away from each other into the unknown depths.

Humanity’s ships exist for only a brief moment in this place. Constantly avoiding death by the smallest of margins, our fate hangs on our willingness to persevere against the darkness. Or should we warmly embrace our nihilistic end and Give Up? Even using the arrow keys to rotate and move, can we ever truly escape?