Persona 4 in one week: Day 1


Update at 8:58 PM: Looks like my internet connection isn’t stable tonight. The stream has been dropping and not coming back. I’m still recording, so I’ll have video posted on YouTube tomorrow of this first session, but it looks like Twitch is a no-go for the rest of tonight.

I’ve been quiet the last few days on this blog. What I have been gearing up for, in my silence, is this multiple-day, long term streaming session. I’m going to play Person 4 in one week. And I’m going to stream the whole thing.

Starting today, 13 December, at around 7:18 PM EST, I’m going to begin to play Persona 4 and play for at least six hours a day for the next week. Most days, this will be only the six hours, but in order to finish within the time frame, it could very well be more with my current planning for upwards of ten hours a couple of days.

(Note: I’m also going to record the whole thing too. While the “live” part will be on Twitch, the video, probably in parts, will go up on YouTube in the future.)

Twitch link.