Conference Schedule for 2016

As an invitation of sorts, if you will be at any of the conferences I will this year, feel free to let me know on Twitter. I’ll be bouncing around the U.S. for the next several months and should be, if I get accepted, presenting at least once more before October when I settle back down again. I’ll be happy to say “Hi!” or talk about current projects if you see me in the coming months.

Upcoming Conferences

Previous Conferences

SWPACA (10 Feb. – 13 Feb.) [Storify]

Presented: “Only the Knocked-Up Survive: The Role of Women and Labor in Fallout Shelter

Magfest (18 Feb. – 21 Feb.) [Storify]


ODU’s 37th Annual Conference on the Teaching of Writing (21 March  – 22 March) [Storify]

Presented: “No Professors Allowed!”: Social Media, Classroom Practices, and the ‘Creepy Treehouse’

CCCC (6 April – 10 April) [Storify]

Presented: “Words on a Digital Fridge

Humanities Unbound (21 April)


IndieCade East (29 April – 1 May)


Computers and Writing (19 May – 22 May) [Storify]


Rhetoric Society of America Conference (26 May – 29 May) [Storify]


Council of Writing Program Administrators (14 July – 17 July) [Storify]


SIGDOC 2016 (21 September – 23 September) [Storify]


Cultural Rhetorics (30 September – 2 October) [Storify]

Presented: ‘Maybe I was a woman!’: Race and Gender Performance of the Super Mutants from the Fallout series

Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (6 October – 8 October)

(Cancelled because of Hurricane Matthew.)

Meaningful Play (20 October – 22 October) [Storify]

(Presented: “Twine Resources“)

AAEEBL Southeast U. S. Regional Conference 2016 (7 November – 8 November)

(Was sick, didn’t attend.)