Learning ChoiceScript: Part 3: Scenes

Learning ChoiceScript

ChoiceScript is a scripting language from Choice of Games LLC for creating choose-you-own-adventure games.



In Part 2, the commands*finish and *ending were introduced. Depending on if there was another scene or not, *finish would act like *ending. If there was another scene, however, the game would progress forward.

Scenes are listed with the *scene_list command as part of the startup file. Like other commands, it should be on a line by itself and the scenes (other files) should be listed under it and indented on their own lines.

Screenshot 2018-08-20 13.04.13

By default, encountering a *finish will mean that a scene transition will take place.


However, there is also a command for forcing a scene transition: *goto_scene.

Screenshot 2018-08-20 13.09.50

Using *goto_scene, scenes can be used in multiple places and loops constructed where choices goto other, previous scenes.


In order for either the default *finish or *goto_scene to work, scenes need to exist as files. Those listed as part of *scene_list will be run in order. Others can be accessed through using the *goto_scene command.

Screenshot 2018-08-20 13.16.30


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