Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

Journey of the Cursed King Cover Art

Bringing 3-dimensional cel-shading and voice-acting to the classic Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King users in a new era for the beloved series on the PlayStation 2.


Having been the solely untouched member of the royal guard of Trodain, you travel with the cursed king and princess in search of Dhoulmagus. Dhoulmagus, a former jester, has stolen the magical sceptre from Trodain Castle and cursed the entire domain including the royal family. Now you seek to undue the curse and return peace to the land. Traveling with you is Yangus as you initially seek out Master Rylus, who you learn died when his house burned down. Seeking out the local fortune teller you are tasked to find a crystal ball that resides under a waterfall cave south of the town. If you can find this crystal ball, then the fortune teller daughter promises that the person that you are seeking can be found. Nothing is as easy as it seems however.


  • Although progressive in use of 3-dimensional cel-shading, the battle system retains most of its classic form.
  • The voice-acting was both added and done in the UK and thus most characters have British accents in the North America localization.
  • The main character, The Hero, does not speak and has no voice-acting accordingly.
  • Deceptively easy, game overs can come fast if adventuring unprepared.


Surviving a smooth transition to the PlayStaion 2, the game still has classic aspects along side updated graphics and video. Accordingly, suggested only for more experienced RPG fans or fans of previous titles in series. Buy to spend long hours with or rent to test out. 7/10