Indigo Prophecy

Indigo Prophecy Cover Art

Indigo Prophecy brings together the fast action of button-smashers with the plot twisting of choose-your-own-adventures as an ever-changing story is told in different and unique ways.


Lucas Kane has attacked a man in the restroom of a dinner, brutally killing this stranger by stabbing him repeatedly. What caused him to do so and how he came to be in the dinner in the first place are not as important as hiding evidence and the body. Barely escaping the police, Lucas is plagued by headaches and visions as he tries to find out why he came to murder that man and what his visions are trying to tell him. His is not the only story however. Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles, two police officers who have their own problems, are tasked to find out why random and apparent strangers are being murdered across the city. One is a killer trying to find out what is going on and the others, two police officers who lives are falling apart, are trying to find their own truths both in string of murders and in how to fix their own lives.


  • Several scenes use different camera angles simultaneously, reminiscent of the TV show 24 .
  • The conversation system forces the player to choose what to say within a quick time limit.
  • The button-smashing is reminiscent of the hand held electronic game of Simon.
  • Graphics and story-telling, which are very good, are handicapped by difficult game play mechanics.


Without the wonky and frustrating game-play mechanics the game could have been very, very good. Unfortunately, although a decent game, it suffers in the end from being slightly confusing and somewhat annoying. Rent. Not worth a buy unless the player has quick reflexes and loads of patience.  6/10