Tales of Legendia

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Abduction Form

Please fill out this form with all required information.

Name of person filling out form: Senel Coolidge

Relation to victim: Sister (Adopted)

Victim’s Name: Shirley Fennes

Identifying characteristics:

Victim has allergic reaction to sea water and must be placed in fresh water for symptoms to lessen. Symptoms include fainting spells and general loss of conscious. Victim also exhibits strange glowing from her hair from time to time.

Circumstances of crime:

While out boating, a storm came upon them. Senel reports that “creatures” attacked them during the storm as well. Having then recovered from the storm, Senel tells that their boat came upon a “ship”. He told of this “ship” being like an island but with it containing cities as well as scores of people. With their boat out of commission, they went aboard this “ship” wherein they were attacked and Shirley was taken.

Prime Suspect: Moses Sandor
Reason for suspicion: Will Raynard, the ‘Sheriff’ of Werites Beacon, claims to have seen Moses abduct Shirley from her adoptive brother while he was preforming a life saving action of placing her within fresh water (See Identifying Characteristics).


  • I only put in a hour and a-half in the game because the copy I was using to review was rather scratched up. I was getting loading times on simple scene transitions that exceeded one minute at times making the playing quite unbearable.
  • The game has an Anime opening and continues to use that style for all cut-scenes.
  • Dialogue within the game uses scrolling text and voice-acting but with the addition of facial actions and with lip-syncing of drawn characters within that conversation.
  • The battle system, which I really didn’t like, uses a two-dimensional fighting-game style system wherein the player must use button-smashing to eliminate the enemies. Supposedly magic can be used in this context as well but I didn’t get that far.
  • The game contains a number of, well, silly aspects like meeting a shape-changing chef and a scene that has the voice-actors, which are good, singing a short song to accompany the introduction of two characters.


While the game might actually be very good, the copy I had made my reviewing process become extremely annoying. From the parts I was able to play and watch, it would get a recommendation to fans of role playing games that would like to try a different style battle system. 7/10

4 thoughts on “Tales of Legendia

  1. lolcthulhu

    Did you get your copy from GameStop? Might you still be within the 7-day window for returning used games?

  2. lolcthulhu

    With regard to the “two-dimensional fighting-game style system”: are the character models in combat sprite-based or are they polygonal?

    Are character restricted to moving left and right across the screen a la Street Fighter II? Or do they have a fuller range of movement as in a Streets of Rage style brawler.

    Are you’re attacks based on button combos or do you have specific attacks mapped to each one of the face buttons?

  3. videlais

    @lolcthulhu: The copy I used was from Gamefly and it is the first used game I’ve gotten from them, from their rental service, that has been scratched too much to be able to play.

    @lolcthulhu: The fighting aspect is more like Street Fighter with combat being sprite-based. They have limited range from left to right, I think. I didn’t really stray far from the enemies. The game has both button-combos and mapped attacks. It uses a system called LMBS, and that Wikipedia page explains it better.

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