Devil May Cry

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Dante, a bad-ass demon hunter, is attacked by a mysterious woman named Trish. Trish tells Dante that a demon emperor named Mundus, who was once defeated by Sparta a demon-turned-good, is once again trying to take over the human world. Dante is then lead to an island that serves as a gateway to hell. Fighting blade-wielding puppets, Dante must fight and win, or die trying. He fights his way through different areas of the castle eventually encountering Phantom, a giant demon who is part spider and part scorpion. Only when Phantom is defeated can Dante continue to try to find out what exactly is going on on Mallet Island.


  • The gameplay is decent with fairly tight controls and the ability to rack up long combos between wielding a sword and dual handguns.
  • The game uses a fixed camera system which can lead to walking into walls in places where the camera changes view and the forward direction changes to match the camera.
  • I am really, really bad at this game. I got through the first few missions, levels, with ease but got stuck on the first boss battle, the battle with Phantom. I died again and again with no success.


The game is a bit dated now and the sequels within this franchise have further refined the controls and design. Even though I got stuck with that one battle, I’d still recommend this game to fans of fast-paced action games with moderate to high difficultly. 7/10

5 thoughts on “Devil May Cry

  1. lolcthulhu

    If you die a couple times within the first couple of missions it presents you with the option to switch to “automatic easy mode” before you progress to the next mission. I imagine that makes the battle with Phantom a lot easier. So, odd as it sounds, in order to make that battle easier you have to suck harder. Go figure.

  2. videlais

    That option is on the start screen before you start the mission? I had problems finding it. I looked at a FAQ Online and it mentioned that, but I could never seem to find that option, to turn it on, before I started that mission again.

    Does your comment mean that you’ve had a chance to play the game?

  3. lolcthulhu

    I’m fairly certain that the game asks you if you want to switch to Easy mode after you finish Mission 3 but before you get to the Start/Power Up menu for Mission 4.

    And, yes, that is exactly what my comment means. From my ninety minutes with the game, I thought it was decent. While playing the game I was reminded of my least favorite aspects of the earlier Resident Evil games: a fixed camera that favors cinematic presentation but constantly disorients the player, and stupid arbitrary puzzles that require you to unlock things that are not doors with things that are not keys. I guess I should just be thankful that Dante doesn’t control like a tank and that you don’t have to worry about conserving ammo.

  4. videlais

    In your ninety minutes of play, have you gotten to the first fight with Phantom?

    I totally agree with you about the camera. I mentioned it in my Notes and absolutely agree. It’s totally disorienting. The second game improves the camera a great deal, although it too contains sections with tight corners and a fixed camera that can make you completely blinded sometimes.

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