Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra

Also sprach Zarathustra cover art

How does this game compare to the previous two titles in the series?

The most notable change is that the graphics are improved. Both in-game and pre-rendered scenes look better than both the first and second game. This game continues the use of vast dungeons and long videos that was introduced in the first game. The third game also continues to try to tell the vast interwoven story introduced in the first game.

This third game matches the most with the first game in that it has the return of voice-actors that were replaced in the second game and has the use of shops that was also missing from the second game. The more negatively received “break system” that was an integral part of the second game is reworked in this game as more of a Final Fantasy-like “limit break” system.  It also has the return of a “database” system where in-game information about the environment, enemies and allies can be accessed at any time, along with videos that have already been seen.


  • Like I noted in earlier paragraphs, the original voice-actors and shops are back in this game.
  • This game continues the use of long, minutes long, video between sections of the game that was used in both other titles.
  •  The game is supposed to be the ending of the long, and rather drawn out, story from the first game. After spending 50+ hours in both other games I am really looking forward to it.
  • The whole series, this game included, is very heavy with names both of battles, places and people.  Expect heavy use of Hebrew, Greek and Latin based naming schemes.  This game also has a character that says random Latin phrases, which is interesting, but ultimately kinda annoying to me as I’d have to stop and think about how to translate what she was saying.


Only recommended by me to people who have played, and liked, the other games in the series. So far I’ve been happy with it. It reminds me of the fun I had with the battle system in first game and the quality of the video in the second game. 8/10