Hellgate: London (Demo)

London cover art

Hellgate: London is one part Lovecraftian madness and one part Diablo-clone and all action role playing goodness, mostly.

As the demons invaded London, they laid waste to buildings and people alike. The Hellgate, a gateway to Hell that had been closed again and again in the past, has now been open wide and London is suffering for it. The populice that was once numerous has been brought down to a small few that fight on to try and rid the world of the demonic invaders. Three main factions remain that have managed to organize and create areas of areas of safety amongst the chaos. The Templars are an underground society that is all that remains of the infamous Knights Templars of old. Cabalists are the magic wielders and those that have learned the dark arts to find the darkness around them. Hunters are millitary trained soliders who hire themseleves out and use the latest science to fight the ancient evil. Playing as any of these factions, or their subclasses, you must take on quests, defend civilians, defeat demons and close the Hellgate at all cost.


  • I reviewed this game using a demo copy and therefore my experiences may not reflect the actual game.
  • It is credited as being from a studio, Flagship Studios, that is composed of members of the development team that created Diablo and this game shares many aspects from that game including parts of the battle system, inventory system and station system.
  • I found there to be several problems with the demo that I came across multiple times. The first and most annoying was that the attack-mode got locked several times and the character continued to attack over and over again which was at first comical and several minutes later just really annoying. The second thing was that the game environments seemed to be repeating over and over again. Maybe it was just the demo but many buildings and environmental elements seemed to repeat over and over again even though they were supposed to be in different areas of London.
  • The demo, and maybe even the game, has one of it’s first quests to find Wart’s Leg which is a throwback to the Wirt Leg’s quest in Diablo.


The Options Used

Loading Screen

Getting a Quest

Just asking for a wheelchair and a mohawk.

Wart’s Leg
Wart’s Leg in Hellgate: London.