Crysis (Demo)

Crysis cover art


From the Desk Of Someone important!


The following is a partial report detailing the deployment of a team of Delta Force soldiers dispatched to Nothing here in the South China Sea. Soldiers were equipped with Nano Muscle Suits. (See Appendix A) Soldiers were dispatched after a group archaeologist personnel were captured by the North Korean Army. Last message from these personnel detailed a discovery of great importance. The team was dispatched to recover or otherwise determine the state of the captured personnel and attempt a rescue.

Upon entering the airspace of the island, they parachuted but were Nothing here either. The team, while attempting to infiltrate the island, came across one of their group who was killed in a unknown manner. Corpses of North Korean Army soldiers also showed signs of being killed in this unknown manner. Proceeding to disable the communications of the enemy the soldiers ventured deeper into the island.

Had I gotten to later levels, those details would show up here. Since I did not, I’ve included this blacked out text to make it look cool. Doesn’t it look cool? It’s all official looking and everything.

Appendix A:
Nano Muscle Suits are capable of drastic improvements over modern inflitration technology. The suit is able to increase the baseline abilities of a soldier including strength and speed. Additional components add armor and a limited exposure cloaking ability. The suit also has the ability to the heal the soldier over time and can actively recharge its own shields. Information processing is also a built in feature allowing a soldier access to real-time data about the environment and combat in the surrounding area.


  • I reviewed this game using a demo and thus actual gameplay may vary using the proper game.
  • The game looks very, very good. The graphics quality are very high and even with my higher end video card, I could only run the game on “Medium” setting. Still, the environments and even the pre-rendered graphics look quite good.
  • I am really bad at this game. I kept getting killed time after time. Credit should be given to the developers who added a more advanced artificial intelligence to this game where soldiers, once you have been seen, are waiting for you in various areas in ambush. If you go undetected, they are lounging around and even take interesting actions like laying down or smoking a cigarette.



Setting used for playing the Crysis demo

Loading Screen.

Loading screen for Crysis

A screenshot of some of the pre-rendered video.
A screenshot of the some of the pre-rendered video in Crysis

A screenshot showing a dead enemy.

A dead enemy within Crysis

A view of the beach and part of the mountain.

Beach view in the video game Crysis