Legend of Kay

Legend of Kay cover art



A world being overrun by evil.


Legend of Kay has it all. Cats, rabbits, guerrillas and rats, they are all in this game. On the mythical island of Yenching, all was once peaceful.  The four clans lived in harmony and all followed The Way. As the generations went on, however, complacency began to creep over the island. The once peaceful island began its slow downward turn to ruin.  Added to this was the invasion of Minister Shun and his gorilla forces, as they took over the island bit by bit. The gorillas began to round up the other animals and enslave them. Some were locked in cages alone, but most were left in their villages, forever trapped. One day, while training with his Master at their dojo, Kay is interrupted from his training by the gorillas who have heard that the Master was training people to fight.  They stop the training and send Kay off into the wilderness to die. Fighting on his own, Kay strives to defeat the enemies that stand in his way and to eventually drive off the invaders and return peace to his home. He does not have to go far to find friends that help him on his way. The other clans want to rid the island of the invaders as much as Kay does and lend Kay their skills and secrets. Even with their help, and the return of his Master to further his training, he must fight alone and confront Shun to find a way to return the island to harmony and the people to The Way.


  • I thought this game was fun overall.  It has some flaws and was designed for a younger audience, but I found I came to like it after some playing.
  • This game is an mostly a platform game with adventure aspects and plays as such. Most of my playing time was spent in the tutorial, the Cat Village, learning the various jumping and climbing combinations.  Some time was spent on the combat system as well which, for this type of game, is pleasantly complex and enjoyable to use. With the right timing, some complex fighting combinations can take place that both quickly eliminate the enemy and look nice.
  • This game does have some flaws, as I mentioned. The most noticeable one is that the translation into English is messy in a few places.  My favorite mistranslated line was “When you meet, remember me to him.”  Another flaw, an artifact of the genre, is that the camera can get stuck sometimes and you will have to manually move it as you move and fight. The last flaw, at least to me, was the repetitive mini-games that litter the game. The worst offender is a racing, against the clock, game that reappears in different areas that is basically the same thing only in a new region.