Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica cover art.

One group believes in free will…

Another group believes in destiny…

One is flesh and the other machine….

Both are locked in war together.

The machines took the first move. They wiped out the the twelve colonies, our home. Now, we are on the run. Amongst the stars and planets, we fight to survive. We fight to show those machine, those toasters, that we will be the victors in this war. In the end, once the smoke has settled and the dust of the wars waged in the infinite space spread to thousands of worlds, we will be the ones standing alone. Welcome, to Battlestar Galactica.

You play as a young Adama, future commander of the Battlestar Galactica. Before you became commander of that infamous ship, before the destruction of your very home, in the first Cylon War, you were a Viper Pilot. Flying alongside Cain and your other comrades, you took on a Cylon base and defended the Galactica at all costs. Fighting in space, you dodged debris in space and protected your wingman and comrades. It was never easy, but you fought on and survived battle after battle even as your friends did not.


  • This is not a video game based in the world created by the 2003 re-imagined television series, but is instead based in the world of the hit 1978 series of the show.
  • This game is basically just a space-shooter with a BSG wrapper. And, although I am a fan of the newer series and Battlestar Galactica in general, I did not overall enjoy this game. It has some very good things, like the fact you are flying a Viper, but has some strange aspects as well. I found it rather annoying, especially in one level I played several times, that the game’s auto-targeting would lock onto a target and then forget to tell me it was on the other side of an asteroid as I attempted again and again to shoot at the target.
  • I would not really recommend this game but to fans of the series, the older one, it might be worth a few dollars to experience a simulation of flying a Viper and attacking Cylons, just be wary of some flaws.

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