Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine cover art

Pollution rocks small island!

On the island of Delfino, a string of crimes have taken the island by storm. Graffiti and deposits of toxic waste have brought an island that once overflowed with beauty to the breaking point. Pollution covers the island and the people in are suffering. Buildings have gone missing and the water is no longer good for drinking. In short, the island has been ruined.

Arriving just as the most darning of crimes, that of graffiti on the Shining Sprite which caused the natives to lose their power and joy, a group reached this remote island. This group reported to be a collection of tourists from the Mushroom Kingdom. Within this group though, a suspect was found and sentenced of the crime of polluting the island. A quote from the suspect, confirming his identity as a famous celebrity, said, “It’s me, Mario!” Seeking to prove that he did not commit the crime he was sentenced for, this plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom began to clean the island. Coming to his support was a device known as “FLUDD”, which refused to comment on this story. This device uses the water native to the island in the cleaning process and lent its power to Mario for the cleaning of the island. The long cleanup process was not without drama however when a mysterious stranger entered the Delfino Plaza and began to spread his pollution as he went about the area. Only when this mysterious strange paused in his reign of terror were the people of the Delfino island able to see the true culprit of the crimes. It was not the infamous Mario but some sinister shadow copy that was brandishing the island with his twisted arts.


  • I liked playing this game. Personally, it was a little hard at first to get used to the controls but that was only because I had not played a three-dimensional Mario game before for any considerable length of time. It took some time to get used to the jumping and exploring aspects of the game. The FLUDD, the water cannon used to clean the island and defeat the enemies, is an interesting concept and grants some challenging gameplay styles.
  • Water plays an important role in this game, and it is interesting to see how the developers work different ways into the environment for there to be water. Accessibility of water is of great importance since the player will need to recharge the supply of water in the FLUDD from time to time.
  • Having played only a small subset of the entirety of Mario games, I feel that the trope of Princess Peach getting kidnapped is tiring to see repeated. I still save her and will in any future game, but one would think she might want to think about staying home lest she develop Stockholm Syndrome unless she already has to some degree.