Unreal Tournament 3 (Demo)

Unreal Tournament 3 cover art

The Good

  • You can jump right into a round of play even though it is a demo.
  • It has both Instant Action options, creating a round with your own settings or getting Online and jumping into a game with strangers with little hassle.
  • The demo is fast-paced and plays exactly like the previous games in this series.
  • The demo comes with multiple options of play including a couple of Deathmatch modes and a Vehicle Capture the Flag.
  • Contains all traditional weapons and adds to that several vehicles including several flying ones.

The Bad

  • It forces you into creating an account to play Online or even on your local LAN.
  • The demo only gives you a handful of environments across the multiple options of play.
  • The demo includes the ability to select but not play in Campaign mode.
  • Even though it is the latest of the Unreal series of games, it adds very little to the formula from the last several games.


Creating a profile in UT3

Creating a profile

Loading screen for UT3

Loading Screen

Gameplay of UT3


Using a vehicle in UT3.

Using a vehicle.

Winning a match in UT3

Winning a CTF match.

2 thoughts on “Unreal Tournament 3 (Demo)

  1. lolcthulhu

    I wouldn’t worry about the absence of campaign mode. It’s exactly the same as the multiplayer but with AI controlled opponents and a tacked on story that’s absolute rubbish.

  2. corporalgrenwick

    I just tried the full game out and it seems a solid entry to the Unreal universe. The bots are smarter I can tell. And the graphics are really nice (even non-maxed). I’ll have to do some more playing to fully decide whether it completely feels like UT.

    And yes, the campaign is usually just like a long tournament bracket. Unless they changed something for this version.

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