Summoner 2

Summoner 2 cover art

Starting the game, you play as Maia who is a goddess who has been reincarnated and reborn anew. As if unleashing a fighting prowess like no other was not enough, she can also transform herself into guardians who wield enormous power. Basically, she is pretty poison who could probably beat up most anyone. She uses this power for good intentions however as she is trying to restore the Tree of Eleh. There is a language of creation, called Aosi, of which this tree is the source. Ruling a country, wielding enormous power and trying to restore the ancient tree that holds all life are just par for the course for this queen. Added to her troubles are those who seek to end her life seeking her throne and to stop her quest. Enemies abound and prophecies come to pass in Summoner 2.


  • This game has both adventure and role playing aspects to it. Most of the game is spent in battles that consist of button-smashing to combo-making but it also allows for customizing skills, spells and summons.
  • I personally did not really like this game much, not really my genre – adventuring and active-battling – but that does not mean someone else may really like it. I got stuck a few times on the first major boss battle but was finally about to get past him. Repeating that initial part probably gives me a bias toward not really liking it but it was not as if the game was broken in some way. I am just not very good at blocking when I needed to block and attacking when there is an opening to attack in games of this type.