Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter cover art



Generic enemies who are vaguely Russian for no apparent reason.

Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter has it all. You start the game as Mace Griffin, a elite Ranger. To enforce peace throughout the known worlds a group was created by the ruling government. Lacking creativity, they named those who would enforce peace the Enforcers. Within this group of galactic police there are those who are the elite, those who have a wide range of skills and abilities. These elite are called the Rangers. Mace Griffin is one of these Rangers, or at least is for a short time.

It all started on a routine mission. Mace Griffin is sent in with his unit to investigate a ship. Docking against the ship, Mace Griffin is sent in to open the doors. Being the idiot of the bunch, Mace heads into the ship, into an unknown situation, while the rest of his team stays behind. Inside the ship Mace confronts soldiers who attack him on sight. Having to fight his way through the ship and to the control room, Mace then has to fight his way back out. Yes, fight both ways except on the second time the ship is collapsing around him. Finally returning to his ship, in the final moments before the ship breaks up, he collapses.

His trouble on that ship, during that fateful mission, is only the start of his journey. For having not stayed behind to die on the ship, he is punished for insubordination and spends ten years in prison. And thus the actual game begins as you take on missions from the Bounty Hunter Guild and try to get your revenge on those who were part of your imprisonment.


  • Basically, this is just a generic first person shooter for the PlayStation 2. Honestly, there is not much here that is not in other games that probably have better stories. If you are looking for just another first person shooter, then this is your game. Otherwise, there is not much here to play. This game is not bad but is mostly just mediocre in many aspects. The game does also add several areas where space battles take place using your ship but that too is from a first person point of view.