X-Squad cover art

X-Squad is a generic shooter for the PlayStation 2.

Two years ago, Project Medusa was stolen. Now, it is your job to recover what is left and determine who is to blame. You are Ash, the leader of X-Squad, and with you are a crack team of soldiers. As the leader of a paramilitary group, you are tasked with infiltrating and hunting down those responsible.

Each member of your team has a unique talent and skill. Maya, a super class-A hacker, is both your tech support and a sharpshooter in her own right. Judd, the token African-American whose back story includes the fact that he joined the Navy SEALS on a dollar bet, is your attacker. Rounding out the crew is Melinda, the ex-Peace Corp., ex-CIA agent from a wealthy family, who is skilled in surveillance.

Dr. Bianca Noble, a selfless woman, dedicated her life to science. Completely obsessed with work, she is hired to develop Project Medusa after leaving the government and military. She has contacted the X-Squad to try to return Project Medusa from inside a secret research facility. So secret is this facility that X-Squad instantly knows where it is and how to get into it.


  • Both the dialogue and gameplay is just mediocre. It’s not out right bad but neither is it good.
  • The controls are rather loose. It plays as a third-person shooter but the controls are designed more for a first-person shooter. One analog stick controls movement and the other controls the aiming, which works for first-person games but complicates a third-person game with the behind-the-shoulder camera angles that forces you to keep moving to see the enemies in front of you.