Red Dead Revolver

Red Dead Revolver cover art

This game strikes me as very similar to most plots of Spaghetti Western movies, which is I imagine the point. With bodies spewing blood and characters who are so overtly bad as to be funny, this game feels like it stepped straight out of a Clint Eastwood movie.

Having survived watching his parents getting killed by bandits in front of him, Red Harlow swears revenge against those who killed his family and becomes a bounty hunter. Over a decade later, Red Harlow is one sharp shooter and general badass. When we catch back up with him, he is passing through a town who is being terrorized by a local gang led by a serial killer. Only when he gets shot at does he bother to stop the actions of the serial killer and would have walked away without a care at any other time. Shooting down the entire gang of Bloody Tom, the local serial killer, Red proceeds to pick up the bounty on his head and earn some cash for his troubles. The town of Widow’s Patch however is the base of another local gang who sets their sights on Red as soon as he enters the town. Having dispatched that entire gang and it’s cowardly leader, Red is tasked with getting the local sheriff to Brimstone for medical attention for the wounds he received in the fight with the gang alongside Red.

Even a simple train ride contains dangers as the train is robbed while Red is on board with the sheriff. Well, an attempted robbery anyway. Red shoots all the perpetrators and guards the train against the Pedroza Brothers until the train reaches Brimstone. At Brimstone, the local sheriff welcomes Red and sets up on a series of bounties that brings him both into a deeper conspiracy and face to face with the man responsible for his parent’s death over a decade earlier.


  • This is a generally good game. The dialogue and voice acting is pretty good. The plot, while not too creative, fits the theme and style perfectly. The graphics are pretty good as well. The game is generally fun to play but the controls could have used more work.
  • I did not really like the aiming process: having to hold down one button, aim with an analog stick and then finally firing your weapon with a third button. It works for the most part, but complicates trying to move and fire at the same time. You end up either sniping from a distance, or running up an enemy and standing still in front of them while you take aim and fire.





One thought on “Red Dead Revolver

  1. lolcthulhu

    I think that this game was initially a Capcom project, but at some point down the line Rockstar took over development. Given the god-awful aiming in the GTA series, maybe that’s why the aiming here sucks.

    Speaking of awful gunplay, Metal Gear Solid has some really convoluted controls for shooting. You hold down square to bring up your weapon. Since you can’t always see what’s directly in front of you from the fixed third-person camera, you’ll also need to switch to first person view by holding down one of the shoulder buttons. If the enemy is too far away to aim accurately you’ll be holding down a third button to zoom in. Then in order to fire you need to release the square button. Of course, if the enemy has moved out of sight in the time it took you to bring up your weapon, switch to first person, and zoom in, and line up the shot with the analog sticks, you’ll need to cancel the shot. To do this, you’ll need to slowly let go of the square button. Do it to fast and you’re liable to fire your gun anyway and draw unwanted attention to yourself.

    I love Metal Gear!

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