LocoRoco cover art

This game is one of the most charming and challenging games I have played in a long time. Rating right up there with the original Katamari Damacy game with its strange yet simple gameplay and graphics, I have had fun, and a bit of frustration, playing this game.

Mojas, creatures of possible cthulhian ancestry, have invaded a peaceful world. The inhabitants of this world, the LocoRoco and their friends, have known peace for so long that they are no threat to this invasion and are easily subdued. The world itself however mounts a stand and by turning itself slightly left or right can direct the LocoRoco to defeat the Mojas and recover the Mui Mui, friends of the LocoRoco, who have been scattered around the world.

Aiding in fight against the Moja are berries which help the LocoRoco grow. With each berry collected, a LocoRoco will grow bigger. This size comes at a cost however, as some areas are too small for a single, berry-filled LocoRoco to fit. In order to let the LocoRoco pass, you must strike them with a lightening bolt which breaks them into pieces which can each pass through one at a time and rejoin on the other side.

Planets are big places. In your journey across the world, fighting Mojas and avoiding dangers, you may just come across more friends. These friends are other races of LocoRoco which each have their own color, characteristics and song. Fellow animals lurk in the world as well, animals which are massively bigger than even the biggest berry-filled LocoRoco. These animals are not always bad however, some will help you in unexpected ways.


  • This game is fun. This game can also be one of the more frustrating games you have ever played. It all depends on your own degree of obsessive-compulsiveness. Most of the levels are fairly easy, requiring little in the way of strategy. Trying to get every Berry, Mui Mui, and Pickori can easily become frustrating fast as you try to tilt the screen and jump at just the right time. Making that simple task all the more complex is the fact that many levels do not allow backtracking . They often have moving parts including walls and ceilings as well.
  • As you play the LocoRoco’s mouths move along with the music as if singing. With each race of LocoRoco discovered and used to play, the background song changes along with the color of the current LocoRoco.

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