Ninja Reflex (Demo)

Starting its life as a title for the Nintendo Wii and DS, Ninja Reflex recently found new life from the Steamworks development kit and can now be purchased for PCs via the Steam network.

The demo consists of two areas that each have the player exercising their quick reflexes in order to capture some creatures.

Hashi is a collection of levels where the player uses chopsticks to catch flies. Of the levels available in the demo, one of them includes catching flies of certain colors and depositing them in their right bowl under a time limit. Another consists of the challenge of having the player catch a large fly under a very short time limit.

Koi, the other collection of levels in the demo, has the player catching fish from a pond. Moving slowly over the water, the player waits for a fish to surface and then acts to catch the fish. Some of the challenges in this collection of levels includes trying not to scare any other fish in the process of removing a small set of fish and another level that has the player catching as many of a certain type of fish under a small time limit.

Since it is a game developed from the Steamworks development kit, it contains certain easter eggs including the Steam lambda design hidden among the various shapes in the backgrounds of most levels. The more observant player will find many of these hidden items while the player with Ninja like reflexes will no doubt find them all.